A Good Customer Service Training

On April 12, our sunshine nonwoven company’s employees participate in a practical training about how to better serve customers. This training was held in NEWSTAR Company and the general manager of Quanzhou Lirong Bag Co., Ltd., Qingyun Qiu who has more than 5 years experience in the foreign trade field gave a lecture. Participants presented come from five companies, including more than 20 foreign trade staffs.
The content of the training can be listed as follows.
1. How to identify customers in order to concentrate on serving target customers. We are supposed to fully understand our own company’s orientation and target customers, because generally different companies have different orientations. Not all our customers will become our target customers, and not all customer companies can provide the same high quality service as we have expected.
2. How to skillfully reply to customers’ inquiry to meet their demands. First of all, you should earnestly analyze customers’ inquiry, understand its core requirements, and then concisely answer their core problems. Secondly, according to your experience, you can bring customers some useful information and they will appreciate that.
3. The core ideas in the process of customer service: perspective taking. What are our customer expectations and what can we do for them? How to provide effective services to reduce customers’ time and save their energy? These are all what should probe into.
Our company has not only sent old salesmen and business managers to this training, but also paid much attention to cultivate new talents. As the company’s business is developing rapidly, we have promoted some new business assistants and arranged them to participate in the training.

Listen to the speech.


Demonstrate and take notes.


Demonstrate on the screen.


Explain some common problems.


Analyze questions presented.

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