Agriculture nonwoven fabric

  • Agricultural nonwoven fabric

Plants need special protection against unfavourable weather conditions to develop well and to yield rich crops. To create a proper microclimate with moderately higher temperatures and relative air humidity and to protect them against frost and water loss in winter it is enough to use one of the broad range of agricultural non-woven fabrics for covering plants. The effect? Earlier crops, greater yield and higher quality of the plants.


  • to protect plants in horticulture, vegetable gardening and fruit farming
  • in floriculture, garden and forest nurseries
  • as a protection against heat loss in greenhouses and garden tunnels
  • for winter protection of plants against frost and water loss
  • as soil bedding (black agricultural non-woven fabric)


  • durable, light, resistant
  • environmentally friendly
  • high air and water permeability
  • high resistance to UV radiation
  • effective protection against unfavourable weather conditions i
  • protection against birds and rodents
  • possibility of using it for several years
  • easy to install
  • strengthened edge
  • broad range of sizes.