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Agriculture cover freeze protection nonwoven fabric

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Agriculture cover freeze protection nonwoven fabric

At present, agricultural cover nonwoven fabric have been widely used in microclimate adjustment (covering seedlings, moisturizing coverage), seedling cultivation, irrigation, crop and tree protection, multi-functional plant growth substrate materials, mulching materials, various agricultural bags, and fruit protect bag In other aspects, it can not only increase the yield of crops, but also improve the climate conditions of the environment, reduce energy consumption, and protect the ecological environment.

It is a popular agricultural material for farmers. Its main functions are introduced as follows:

1. Insulation and antifreeze

2. Moisture absorption and moisture retention

3. Dimming degradation

4. Prevent pests, bird damage and pesticide pollution

5. Weed control

6. Energy-saving and water-saving effects

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Agricultural cover nonwoven fabric are made of 100% polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabric . 

Generally, anti UV materials can be added according to customer requirements in the manufacturing process, so that the non woven fabric have advanced anti UV function. 

Our conventional weight ranges from 10-180g, and the width ranges from 2cm to 320cm (or even 36m or Customized).

In the application of agricultural materials, pp spunbond nonwoven fabric have also become widely used materials. 

A variety of functions can give customers different choices.

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