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Arbor Day -Greening the earth and improving the environment

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Arbor Day -Greening the earth and improving the environment  Sunshine Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd. is always in action


The Arbor Day is a festival that promotes and protects trees in accordance with the law and organizes and mobilizes the masses to actively participate in tree planting and afforestation activities. According to the length of time, it can be divided into tree planting day, tree planting week and tree planting month, which is called the International Arbor Day. It is advocated that through this kind of activity, people will be enthusiastic about afforestation and realize the importance of environmental protection.


Greening the earth and improving the environment Sunshine Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd. is always in action.


Planting trees is an important measure to protect the environment, and the accumulation and inability of garbage to decompose damages the environment. Greening the earth and improving the environment Sunshine Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd. has been in action and has been committed to providing biodegradable non-woven.


Sunshine Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd., a professional leader of non-woven, has more than 16 years of export experience. We can provide non-woven fabrics for various purposes, such as shopping bags, medical care, furniture, and agriculture, which are closely related to our daily lives.

Today we will focus on the application of non-woven fabrics in shopping bags and agriculture:


(1) Non-woven shopping bag, the raw material is polypropylene spun-bond non-woven fabric, there are three types: handbag/flat pocket/W-cut bag, weight: 40-80gsm, width: 1.6m /2.4m / According to customer requirements, color: WHITE /BLACK /various colors, MOQ: 3000 kgs / per color /per size, ODM and OEM services can be provided. Sunshine can also provide finished non-woven bags, as long as you provide specifications, quantities, and printing requirements.

(2).Agricultural use, generally used for weeding mats and warmth and cold protection. Weight range: 15-120gsm. It can be folded and packaged. The width and size can be 1M/2M according to the specific requirements of customers. UV sunscreen ingredients are required. , The colors are generally white and black.


(3).Why choose Sunshine :
1.More than 16 years of non-woven export experience
2.Better price +fast delivery+professional foreign trade team
3.ISO +SGS etc certificate +Support factory inspection 
4.Supply OEM +ODM+Factory 


Best quality,best price , best delivery time!

If you have any requirement and different specification of SMS spun-bond non-woven fabric ,Please contact us at any time.

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