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Elastic nonwoven fabric for disposable civil 3ply face cover product

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Elastic nonwoven fabric for disposable civil 3ply face cover product

Elastic nonwoven fabric is a nonwoven fabric that can be stretched horizontally and vertically. The elasticity is due to the addition of elastic masterbatch. The elastic nonwoven fabric is made of PP material, without adding any recycled materials and recycled materials. The elastic non-woven fabric can also be used for single bomb, full bomb, etc. Often used in 3PLY face cover product, Hair cover product, etc.

Product features: good rebound elasticity, soft and skin-friendly, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and breathable, etc.

Elastic nonwoven fabric

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Stretch Non Woven Process Spunbond Color White or Color Weight 20-150gram.We can professionally customize according to customer's use and width needs.Because of its wide range of uses, it reduces the damage to the ear when wearing it, and it is very soft to wear without the feeling of tightness and pulling, which is favored by customers of various manufacturers.

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