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Today is 29th April,2021.It has been more than a year since the beginning of the COVID-19 virus, and it has not stabilized in various parts of the world. 

The number of new additions in some countries in Europe has been rising. Especially now India, which has more than 300,000 new additions every day.


Under the strong control of the Chinese government, the situation in China has been well controlled, and the restoration and increase of production are encouraged, 

hoping to give other countries some help within their capacity.

Especially protective equipment, masks, protective clothing, ventilators, gloves and other important protective equipment.At the same time, 

there are also many capable foreign customers who buy mask machines themselves and import non-woven fabrics and other raw materials for their own production.



Quanzhou Sunshine Non woven fabric Co., Ltd. is an industry and trade integrated company with more than 18 years of non-woven export experience.

We can supply non woven fabric for medical usage: meltblown fabrics,non woven fabric with white/blue color,ear loop& nose wire .

How to make mask

Generally, masks have 2 types based on its application: Respirator Dust Mask (Civil Using) & Medical Mask (for hospital – Doctors,Nurses and patients).

Masks are mainly made of non-woven fabrics, meltblown fabrics, ear loop, and nose wire.

(1) .Non woven fabric:

17.5cm/19.5cm width for 3 layer mask, 20-50gsm ,white /blue or another color

26cm width for KN95 mask, 25-50gsm, white /blue or another color

(2) .Meltblown : BFE>95% FOR civil mask   25GSM/17.5cm width

BFE>99% &PFE>95% FOR MEDICAL MASK   25-50gsm /26cm width  

(3).Ear loop  2.8-3mm Round ear loop for 3 layer mask  4-5mm flat ear loop

(4).Nose wire: 3mm width single/double core for 3 layer mask  

4mm width double core for kn95 mask


Why choose Sunshine :
1.More than 18 years of non-woven export experience
2.Better price +fast delivery+professional foreign trade team
3.ISO +SGS etc certificate +Support factory inspection 
4.Supply OEM +ODM+Factory 

5. FREE SAMPLES can be sent for checking quality.



Hope people get heathy and world get better soon!

Thank you very much for your reading.



                               Sunshine Non Woven Fabric Co.,ltd




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