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Sunshine The Lantern Festival

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Sunshine the Lantern Festival

Today is the annual Chinese Lantern Festival. It's a day for us to get together with our families.We have dinner together, enjoy the lanterns and guess lantern riddles, and enjoy this wonderful and happy day!

We hope everyone happy Lantern Festival!

The red and red color nonwoven fabric is spread on the table. All kinds of tableware on the nonwoven tablecloth, everything is so perfect.

nonwoven tablecloth (1)

All kinds of nonwoven tablecloth, its convenient to carry, disposable, easy to clean, loved by all people. If you are interested in tablecloths, we can offer you different specifications, patterns and thicknesses to choose from. We can give you different feelings with the most popular style in the market.

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As a high-quality supplier of nonwoven fabric industry, SUNSHINE CONMPANY can not only provide nonwoven tablecloth, but also medical nonwoven fabric (S / SS / SMS non woven fabric) with the largest market demand at present. We will recommend the most suitable products for you according to your needs.


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