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Sunshine factory spunbond nonwoven fabric

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Sunshine factory spunbond nonwoven fabric

Sunshine Factory spunbond nonwoven fabric as a company with more than 10 production lines and rich 16 years of production experience, we provide 24-hour service at any time, and with our experience, we can produce corresponding product quality according to any demand of customers. Different weight, width, color and use of pp spunbond nonwoven fabric for customers to choose, to meet any interest and needs of customers.

We use high-quality raw materials - 100% polypropylene to produce non-woven fabrics. Our customers like our products with sufficient capacity, high quality, fast delivery time and favorable price. Non woven fabric has the characteristics of environmental protection, recyclable, long shelf life, rich color and wide use.This year, for example, nonwovens are widely used in medical products (masks, protective clothing, etc.)

nonwoven fabricpp spunbond nonwoven fabric

100%polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabric for mask:

outside layer: 25gsm,width 19.5cm,blue

middle layer: 25gsm,width 17.5cm,white(meltblown nonwoven fabric BFE95/99)

inner layer: 25gsm,width is 17.5cm,white

Best quality,best price , best delivery time!

If you have any requirement and different specification of pp spunbond nonwoven fabric ,Please contact us at any time.


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