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Sunshine non woven fabric Company Mid-Autumn Festival party

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Sunshine non woven fabric Company Mid-Autumn Festival party

27th September night, Sunshine Company hold a dinner for celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. We are a PP non woven fabirc Manufacturer on Southeast of China , Maintain this market for more than 18 years since 2002. 


Sunshine prepare a lot of rewards for staff . they can play games with their boss and win the rewards. A traditional games called “bobing” in chinese.(a games with six dices , staff runing this dice and compare which one would be max ,calling “zhuangyuan” )

The rewards including Oven, baggage,microwave oven and some domestic appliances . Staff can got this with a easy way. And also can increase cohesion for all the team on the Sunshine non woven fabric factory.

With a strong sales team ,Sunshine non woven fabric factory committed to Spunbond , Meltblown , SMS product . we could offer the high quality and good service for all our custumer .




Sunshine non woven fabric factory



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