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Why are you still pulling weeds by hand?

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Non-Woven Weed Control Mat——Free your hands
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Sunshine Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabric with more than 16 years experience. It is established in 2003, located in the town of Quanzhou city, Fujian province, China. It`s a factory covers about 20000m2 and have more than 120 workers.


The Ground Cover we provide are made of 100%polypropylene, no chemical substances, non-toxic and tasteless, safe to soil and plants

Why so many people use it?

Current situation of weeding:

Weed removal in field management is a very important task. At present, currently, most weeds are pulled out regularly by the hands.This method is time-consuming and laborious and can only maintain weed control for a period of time, the long-term effect is very limited.In addition, the use of herbicides is likely to cause environmental pollution, and the adverse consequences for crop quality and safety are an unavoidable problem.

Therefore, the use of Weed control cover is a good method.

Benefits of using weeding mats:

This weeding mat suppresses the growth of weeds in vegetable garden pathways,greenhouse, under deck, playground area by shielding as much light and water as possible for weeds.And at the same time allow the soil to breathe and water into the roots of plants, providing a barrier to prevent evaporation and reduce nutrient leaching.Reduce your care time and labor costs.


How to use it?

Cut an X into the fabric with a pair of scissors in the desired location for new plants, dig a hole under the X and position the plant, and then cover the roots with soil.

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